Mumbai: September,23(STN)Tata group alone got 66.3% confidence of total votes

Bhaskar News | Mumbai The 153 year old Tata Group has emerged as the most trusted corporate among investors. In a survey conducted by Equitymaster, the Tata group got 66.3% of the total votes, which is more than double the number of votes polled in 2013 (31.8%). The Aditya Birla Group and the Mukesh Ambani Group are at the second and third positions respectively. Except Tata, none of the other 16 groups won the trust of more than 5% of the total number. However, many of these groups have moved up some ranks from the previous 2013 survey. Aditya Birla, Godrej and TVS Group

has moved up 2 ranks while Mukesh Ambani Group has moved up 6 ranks and Rahul Bajaj Group has come at 4th position. RPG Group got the least amount of 0.8% votes. The Independent Equity Research Initiative ‘Equitymaster’ was formed by consisting of 17 of India’s most renowned corporate groups. A total of 5,274 people took part in it.