London: July 31, (STN) says no, it cannot be said whose fate will change when, where and how. A similar case has come to light from London, where a man bought an old broken spoon from a street market and sold it for 12 thousand times more.

Spoon bought for 90 paise
According to a report in The Sun, the man realized at a glance that this spoon is something special. So he bought this old spoon for 90 paise. The man then examined the 5-inch spoon in which it turned out to be silver. Its design is of 13th century Roman European style. The man was convinced he had found the jackpot.

Sold at auction for Rs. 2 lakhs
The person then estimated the current price of the spoon which turned out to be around Rs 52,000. What was then put him up for auction on an online platform. But gradually its bid on the auction increased. In return for this spoon, he was offered lakhs of rupees. But in the end the bid for this spoon was fixed at 1 lakh 97 thousand rupees. Adding taxes and extra charges, its price has crossed 2 lakh, which was 12 thousand times more than the amount purchased.

The spoon was bought from the car boot market
The man has hidden his identity. But the company that auctioned the spoons shared their story. It is being reported that the person used to go to the car boot market. There he saw this spoon near a basement. He bought the spoon for only 90 paise. After taking the spoon, the man contacted Lawrence Auctions, a silver expert from Somerset. He told the man that this spoon is very expensive.