Chandigarh: June 6 (STN) Election trumpet has been blown in Punjab Due to which the corona has also been shelved The first trumpet has been blown by Captain Amarinder Singh in this electoral war
He has caused a stir in the politics of Punjab by getting three MLAs including Sukhpal Singh Khaira to join the Congress.

Experts in Punjab politics say that soon Shiromani Akali Dal is preparing to give two big blows to BJP by detonating a big bomb in Punjab politics. These two big blows can be done by Shiromani Akali Dal from Amritsar and Jalandhar by splitting two big leaders of BJP from BJP and connecting them with Shiromani Akali Dal.
Experts point out that these two BJP leaders have close ties with each other, as well as good relations with the Badal family. Due to which these two can leave BJP and join Akali Dal Political experts point out that when there was a coalition government of Shiromani Akali Dal and BJP in Punjab for 10 consecutive years, these two BJP leaders were given special posts and they made a lot of money for 10 years and remained among the trusted leaders of Akali Dal.

If we talk about the political environment of Punjab, then at present Shiromani Akali Dal is adopting a very calm stance, but in the coming days, the storm behind this peace may be seen.
The Shiromani Akali Dal is preparing to give many big blows not only to the BJP but also to the Congress. In this, many big Congress faces of Doaba can be seen holding the reins of the Akali Dal These are the faces who have been angry in the Congress party for a long time and have been ignored by the Captain’s government. Experts point out that these big Congress faces are in touch with the Shiromani Akali Dal, but at the moment everyone’s attention is on the rift being made in the BJP by the Shiromani Akali Dal.
We have to see how quickly the Shiromani Akali Dal blows the election trumpet by including two big faces of BJP in its party.