Jalandhar: Apr,26 (STN) Exploiting the tall claims being made by Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann to implement the Delhi model in schools and hospitals of Punjab, State BJP General Secretary Rajesh Baga said that the Delhi Model is being implemented in the schools of Punjab. Implementation will do nothing. He said that when there are no teachers in Punjab schools, what will the Delhi model do there?
Rajesh Baga said that in the first cabinet meeting of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann Punjab, along with giving 300 units of free electricity to the people of Punjab, 1000 rupees per month to every woman above 18 years of age- Along with many more announcements were made, but now it is one and a half month to the formation of the government and cabinet meetings have also been held. But the people of Punjab neither got free electricity nor did any woman get 1000 rupees a month. The power of Punjab has been achieved by the Bhagwant Mann government by giving free lollipops to the public, but now when the time has come to fulfill the announcements, the work of fooling the public by making new announcements has been started. .
Rajesh Baga said that the government employees of Punjab are going on dharna-demonstrations against the Bhagwant Mann government for their demands, because Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann got votes by handing them all the lollipops of promises. As soon as he reached the throne, both the eyes and thinking of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann changed and now these government employees are planning a strategy to protest against the Punjab government with their demands. Baga said that now Bhagwant Mann is again chanting the slogan of implementing the Delhi model in Punjab. Baga asked Bhagwant Mann that if the buildings, furniture etc. of the schools would be good and there would be no teachers teaching there, then what to do with all this? That’s why Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann should first recruit teachers and not try to implement the Delhi model!