Toronto: September,21(Source STN) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party has won the Canadian general election, but his intentions of a big victory in most seats have not been fulfilled. The Liberal Party is leading in 148 seats while the Conservative Party is leading in 103 seats, Bloc Québécois in 28 and the leftist New Democratic Party in 22 seats. At the moment it does not appear that Trudeau will be able to win enough seats and get a law passed without the cooperation of other parties.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau competed with Conservative Party leader Erin O’Tooley. During the election campaign, Trudeau claimed that Canadians do not want a Conservative Party government during the pandemic. Canada is currently one of the countries in the world whose most citizens have been fully immunized. Along with this, he told the people that if the opposition party registers victory, then the fight against corona virus will become weak.

A party needs 38 percent of the vote to win the Canadian election. in order to obtain a majority in the parliament. Earlier, when elections were held in the year 2019, even then Trudeau’s party did not get a majority. Due to which one had to rely on the support of other parties to pass the law. Votes have been cast for 338 seats in the country. A party needs to win at least 170 seats to prove its majority.

The major issues of the election include issues like the work done regarding the Corona epidemic, inflation and Canada’s stand on the international stage. Election polls show a close contest between Trudeau’s Liberal Party and the rival Conservative Party.