Chandigarh: 27, April (STN) Captain Amarinder has challenged politics by challenging Navjot Singh Sidhu. In the afternoon, the captain challenged Sidhu and invited him to contest from Patiala, while Sidhu gave the contract to the captain and said, do not talk about it, why do not you get justice on Guru Saheb’s rudeness?

Siddu surrounded Captain Sarkar on the issue of coarseness on the issue of farmers. The Captain was also targeted on the issue of intoxication. Siddu said that after all why the Punjab government is not giving minimum support price (MSP) to farmers on pulses and oilseeds. The Punjab government should give MSP on pulses and oilseeds crops to the farmers of the state. He said that the government should make cold storage on five villages. Holding capacity should be increased in Punjab farmers. Called storage will increase the holding capacity of the farmers in their crops. Or there is no priority for the state’s home minister (Chief Minister Captain Amarinder has this department) in cases of indecency. The Advocate General (AG) is being made the goat, while who controls the AG?
Sidhu had on Wednesday surrounded the Capt Sarkar for the cancellation of the SIT’s investigation report in the Kotkapura and Bahubalkalan firing case by tweeting that it is not a failure of the government or the party but a man who has joined hands with the culprits . However, Sidhu did not directly name the captain in his tweet on Wednesday as well and on Friday he also pointed the finger at the state’s home minister, without naming the captain through the tweet. This department is with the Chief Minister. In his new tweet, Sidhu said- Is not the inhuman affairs a top priority for the Home Minister.