Central government doing politics in the name of soldiers – Sachin Pilot

Central government doing politics in the name of soldiers – Sachin Pilot

Booklet ‘Vote in the name of bravery, hurt the interests of the army’ released.

Chandigarh 28 January:(STN) Senior Congress leader and former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot has accused the Modi government of the Center of doing politics in the name of soldiers, Instead of fulfilling the promises made to them, it is working against them. Congress media in-charge Pawan Khera was also present with him for the Punjab Assembly elections.

In honor of bravery of soldiers from Chandigarh to Punjab Congress Headquarters ‘Vote in the name of bravery, hurt the interests of the army’ Addressing the press conference on the occasion of the release of the booklet, Sachin Pilot said that our soldiers fight the enemies on the country’s border, terrorism and separatism within, but it is a pity that the Modi government at the Center does politics in the name of soldiers and instead of fulfilling the promise made to them, it works against them. He alleged that the posts of about 1.25 lakh soldiers are vacant in the country, which was not filled by the government of absolute majority talking of nationalism for the last seven years. He said that the Congress-led UPA government had implemented the “One Rank, One Pension” scheme in the year 2014, but the NDA government, which promised to implement this scheme in Rewari, Haryana, has not yet taken any step. In such a situation, the decision of increasing the pension in five years cannot bring equality. He also condemned the central government for cut the ECHS amount by 2 thousand rupees. Similarly, the government imposed a 50 percent GST on the products available at the canteen and put a limit on that too.

He condemned the Central Government for imposing tax on the disability pension instead of increasing it. Sachin Pilot reveals that there has been a manifold increase in the pension of civil officers in defense, whereas the pension of a parallel officer of Army Services is very less in comparison to him. Even the soldiers of paramilitary forces do not get martyr status and their families do not get help compared to the army if they are martyred in terrorist encounter. He disclosed that despite the Congress MPs raising the matter in Parliament several times in this regard, the Central Government is not taking steps.

He said that giving speeches does not work, in fact, work has to be done. He claimed that the Congress would once again form the government in Goa, Uttarakhand and Punjab.