Book launch on the life and legacy of Mohsina Kidwai amidst huge fanfare at Panjab University

Book launch on the life and legacy of Mohsina Kidwai amidst huge fanfare at Panjab University

6 December 2022

Chandigarh:(STN)Book launch on the life and legacy of Mohsina Kidwai amidst huge fanfare at Panjab University. Former Union Cabinet Minister Mohsina Kidwai launched her autobiography at a book launch organised today at the Panjab University auditorium. Sharing the panel with other eminent personalities, there was an engaging panel discussion on the relevance of the book in today’s context and what the upcoming generation can learn from it.

Kicking off the proceedings, Gautam Seth founder of Yuva Bhagidari Foundation addressed the audience and gave an impassioned address recalling his long association with Mohsina Kidwai and how he has learnt immensely from her. Former Vice President of India, Hamid Ansari could not attend the event physically and in lieu of that sent a heartwarming video message for Mohsina Kidwai and her unequivocal role in nation building. He praised her commitment to the party and the nation and that message was played for the audience. The discussion was further enriched by the fascinating insights of Former Union Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal, Member of Parliament Manish Tewari, Former Chief Minister Punjab, Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, Former PPCC President Mohinder Kaypee and President of Chandigarh Territorial Congress H.S Lucky.

Book launch on the life and legacy of Mohsina Kidwai amidst huge fanfare at Panjab University

The esteemed personalities had an engaging and enthralling discussion with the audience which left a deep impact on all the youngsters present. The session had a discernible impact on the youth which was left amazed at the sheer pearls of wisdom shared by Mohsina Kidwai who delivered a very poignant speech on the need for the youth to contribute to society and learn from the past. In words of Former Congress President Sonia Gandhi, through a special note written by her expressed “ Shrimati Mohsina Kidwai ji’s life-story is one of great inspirational, historical and educational value. I am, therefore, very happy that she has decided to write her memoir.

Mohsinaji has always been a figure of exceptional ability, dedication, dignity and warmth. Her sixty-plus years of active participation in the nation’s public and political life mirror so many aspects of the social change and development that India has seen during this period. Her memoir provides eyewitness descriptions of so many significant moments in our nation’s political, social and economic history, as well as her impressions of the leading figures in national life. Her wealth of experience in the Congress party, as a minister in the state and central governments and as a parliamentarian, are reflected in this book, as are her close relations with Indiraji and Rajivji who held her in high regard—a regard I too share.

Mohsinaji has a remarkable ability to establish a warm rapport with people from across the political spectrum as well as from all walks of life. These qualities, together with her integrity and gentle candour, her deep concern for the more vulnerable sections of society, her personal charm and her abiding belief in the principles.”

President of Yuva Bhagidari Foundation Gautam Seth while concluding the programme thanked the entire audience while the formal launch of the book was completed amid much fanfare. The audience attending was gleaming after the event as they interacted with Mohsina Kidwai and shared a few heartfelt moments.