Chandigarh:10,May(STN) After the political attack by Navjot Sidhu against Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, senior cabinet ministers of Punjab have opened a front against Navjot Sidhu. These cabinet ministers have demanded disciplinary action against Sidhu by taking a letter to the party high command.

In a letter to the party high command, the cabinet ministers of Punjab have strongly condemned Navjot Sidhu’s statement in which Sidhu has spoken against Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. The ministers termed Sidhu’s attack as gross indiscipline and an attempt to weaken the Congress government in the state. The ministers said that Captain Amarinder Singh has been personally attacked by Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Navjot Sidhu openly criticizes Congress Chief Minister
Punjab cabinet ministers Brahm Mohindra, Sundar Sham Arora and Sadhu Singh Dharmasot have strongly criticized Navjot Sidhu’s actions, saying that Navjot Sidhu openly criticizes the Congress chief minister even after being elected MLA from the party. Sidhu’s recent remarks against the Chief Minister cannot be ignored.

These cabinet ministers have said that if action is not taken against Sidhu, unrest could spread in the state unit of Congress, which would be fatal for the party. The ministers said that it is now clear that Sidhu’s intentions were nefarious and motivated by his vested personal and political interests. It was clear that the inconsistent MLAs, through their flawed accusations and accusations, were trying to express disagreement against Captain Amarinder in the Punjab Congress.