Nearly 6 patients lost their lives due to lack of oxygen.

According to family members, his brother died in the night.

Along with his brother, many more patients lost their lives.

Amritsar:24,April(STN) Neelkanth Hospital located on Fatehgarh Bangri Road was stirred up due to the exhaustion of oxygen late night, after which a total of 6 people died with agonize.

According to family members, his brother had trouble breathing and till yesterday he was in fine condition, but late in the night, he started suffering, then he was in oxygen, after that he saw that in the hospital. The patients on the accompanying bed and in the ward of Corona also said goodbye to this world due to the lack of oxygen. They say that their brother’s body was not given to them by the doctor

According to the doctor of the same hospital, 5 covid patients and a normal patient who were admitted to the hospital have died due to oxygen, they did not get oxygen on the night, according to the doctor, they had asked for oxygen but they did not get oxygen. Even the private hospital will not be given oxygen, first the oxygen will be supplied in the government hospital.