Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal and Sant Seva Singh Khadur Sahib honored by United Nations Environment Program

Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal and Sant Seva Singh Khadur Sahib honored by United Nations Environment Program

Honored with Faith for Earth Counselor 2021 for Outstanding Work in the Environment

Seechewal, 3 June(STN) Under the United Nations Environment Program, two great religious personalities of Punjab, Padma Shri Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal and Padma Shri Sant Seva Singh Khadur Sahib have been honored with “Faith for Earth Counselor-2021” for their unparalleled achievements in the field of environment. Under the program, 18 personalities and organizations from across the country were honored.

Sant Sewa Singh ji Khadur Sahib Wale

Speaking on the occasion, Swami Aditya Nand Saraswati, Executive Director, United Religion Initiative, said that this is a critical time for the environment. In many parts of the country, big and small, the air is badly polluted. People there have found it difficult to breathe. The rivers and streams of the country are drying up. On this occasion, Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal, an environmentalist, made special mention of the 165 km long “Kar Sewa” of the sacred Kali Vein. He said that with the participation of the people one river has been cleared and a precedent has been set for the country which has paved the way for the cleansing of other polluted rivers of the country. We are witnessing the results of the campaign. The declining area under forests is a matter of concern. Sant Seechewal shared his views on the occasion and said that reusing the water used under Seechewal model would save ground water. This model has been implemented to clean the country’s largest river Ganga but no such results are coming out.

Atul Bagaye,Head(OCHA)

Atul Bagaye, head of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), who attended the event, said: Let us all together fulfill our duty towards nature and religious institutions can make a great contribution in this. On this occasion, Dr. Iyad Mowgli, Aarushi Nishank and other speakers expressed concern over the serious situation of environmental pollution and conveyed the message of joint efforts to save air, water and the earth.