Jalandhar:31st,May(STN) Aiming to strengthen the Congress Organization in Punjab and ensure its Victory in the 2022 assembly Elections. Every Congressman has the right to raise the issues concerning with party leadership. Numbers of Congress Workers are ignored since the Congress Govt. is formed in Punjab. From last one year Punjab Congress Organization, All District & Blocks Units are dissolved by Congress High command.
It’s surprising that Ruling Party in state is working without organization. Identification of party office bearers is also withdrawal by Party High Command.
Number of times matter brought up in the notice of Centre Congress Leadership to reconstitute the Punjab Congress Committee and District Units with immediate effect. In last four Years of Ruling Govt., Punjab Congress President Sunil Jakhar never seen in the entire state and didn’t met Party Workers.
Gap of communication by State President with Party Workers is weakening the Congress structure. After formation of State Govt, Punjab Congress President never focus on party workers as if they have “No Concern” with them after 5 years of ruling period. To Raise the Voice against anything wrong within Party is the Right of Party Workers.  
Leadership is divided into Three Categories A, B & C.
Category A Leadership are elected MLA’s & Ministers in Power.
Category B Leadership Constituency In-charge, Turncoats & Kith-Kin’s are adjusted in Govt. Bodies as Chairman, Vice Chairman in Boards, Commission & Trust. 
Category C are Back Benchers Congress Worker’s used only in Election Period for Shouting Slogans Zindabad…… Zindabad.
Sincere workers are never recognized for their work in party but our dedication is still there to carry forward the welfare programs and the policies of our Govt. to safeguard the interest of the people in the state. In 2017 Assembly Polls Party Cadre who contributed day & night in bringing the party to power are ignored while giving Political Appointments in Govt. Party Cadre’s who are well connected with each other through Social Media, discussed frequently that they are not meant to woo only vote bank and their resentment can grow into a revolt which can hit party prospects in the 2022 elections. Party leadership has to take care of its cadre’s in Punjab to avoid situation like other states. 
Congress State President Sunil Jakhar never accessible to party men nor he respond or hear to their grievances.  Numbers of Retired bureaucrats are appointed on plum posts in State Govt. those who never sit on floor or faced Police Lathis and Water Cannon to protest for public rights when party was in Opposition for ten years. Earlier Party State Incharge Asha Kumari misleaded to Congress President for taking approvals to adjust her choice leaders on a pick and choose basis for political appointments and adjustments as head of Boards, Corporation, Trust & Commission.  Leaders who recommended the names for Political appointments in State Govt. adopt Single Criteria for Selection Process & evaluate beneficiaries with financial background who wish to satisfy their demands. Most of the Leaders appointed in State Govt. belong to influential background having connection with CM Office. 
Party Cadres alleged that we have submitted our applications & files directly in CM Office / Residence, State Congress President & Earlier State Incharge Asha Kumari but it was not consider or forwarded to Chief Minister Capt Amrinder Singh.   
Ministers are not showing their interest for the formulation of such advisory committees in their respective departments to adjust party cadres.
Number of promises made by our party in its Election Manifesto is not fulfilled. Unemployed Youth is still waiting for Unemployment Allowance Rs 2500 which was Committed. Distribution of Smart Phone is still pending among Lakhs of Students

Sons, Nephews get Plum postings in Punjab Govt.
Rozgaar is given to the youth of kith & kin’s some are appointed as Chairman, Number of Examples Punjab Congress President Sunil Jakhar Son Ajay Vir Jakhar appointed as Chairman Punjab Farmer Commission ,
Punjab Sports Minister Rana Sodhi Son Anumeet Singh Sodhi alias Hira Sodhi appointed as State Information Commissioners, Punjab.
Senior Congress leader and Cabinet Minister Sukhbinder Singh Sukh Sarkaria nephew Dilraj Singh Sarkaria is appointed Chairman of Zila Parishad,
Sukhwinder Singh Bindra is appointed Chairman, Punjab State Youth Development Board is related to Ludhiana-based Congress leader Amarjit Tikka Chairman, Punjab State Medium Industrial Development Board, Two political appointments in a family.
Harmanvir Singh Kangar, son of Revenue Minister Gurpreet Kangar, has become a director in the Punjab Cooperative Bank ,
Karaninder Singh Dhillon, son of senior Congress leader Kewal Dhillon, has been appointed Chairman of the District Planning Committee, Barnala,
Ravi Nandan Singh Bajwa Son of Rural Development Minister S. Tript Rajinder Bajwa is appointed Chairman of Zila Parishad (Gurdaspur),
Bikram Singh Mofar Son of former Congress MLA Ajitinder Mofar is appointed Chairman of Zila Parishad (Mansa) and
Gagandeep Jalalpur Son of Ghanaur MLA Madan Lal Jalalpur have been appointed as President Zila Parishads (Patiala).
Certain number of Post is still Vacant for Political appointments and adjustments in state Govt. but no representation has been given to Party Cadres at Ground Level. Ministers are not showing their interest for the formulation of such advisory committees. Number of Leaders whose performance and ground report is zero has been nominated and adjusted in Punjab Govt. When will the party recognize the performance of the ground workers. Kindly make some criteria for adjustment and promotion when the party is in power otherwise we party workers feel alike still sitting in opposition from the last 14 years in Punjab. We are hopeful our voice will be heard. We shouldn’t forget every drop is precious to fill the Jar. Every time same faces are recognized and adjusted as Chairman, Vice Chairman in Govt. Bodies when Party is back to Power.
Staunch Congressmen are sidelined because they are not directly connected with center leadership and their performance is never recognized in the party. Party should invite applications from such ground leaders who never got a chance to serve in the frontline either in party organization or in State Govt. Leadership should not demoralize the sentiments of party workers.
Turncoat Leaders, Non-Political Retired Bureaucrats & Army Officials with their sources, links & connectivity have been adjusted as Chairman, Vice- Chairman, Director in Punjab Govt. Punjab Congress has completed more than Four and Half years of Governance. It has been closely observed Leaders who lost their past Vidhan Sabha Elections are appointed as Halqa Incharge so that all Activities & Govt. Funds can be distributed through them so that after five years again they will be in front line to contest elections.
Infact many Leaders who got party tickets and lost their Assembly elections have been adjusted as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Director in Punjab Govt (Boards, Corporation, Trust & Commission). If everything goes like this in party organization who will work for party and it’s not an easy task for Party to achieve Mission 2022 in Punjab.
The issues discussed by Congress Leadership in last Congress Preliminary session are never taken up in reality and sentiments of party workers are always murdered. To strengthen the Organization, Congress Leadership have to take deep breath, listen to the ground reality and change their ideology.

Punjab Congress President Sunil Jakhar ignore the following direction given by Rahul Gandhi
On Jan 8, 2019 Rahul Gandhi Statement Published in Hindustan Times
Appoint party workers to posts first, everyone else can wait: Rahul Gandhi to Punjab CM
Congress president Rahul Gandhi met Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh, state Congress chief Sunil Jakhar and general secretary in-charge of Punjab Asha Kumari.
Hindustan Times, Chandigarh |English News Paper’s Correspondent of Chandigarh
PUBLISHED ON JAN 08, 2019 02:18 PM IST
Workers first — the diktat of Congress president Rahul Gandhi to party’s Punjab leadership was clear and loud at a meeting held at New Delhi on Monday to discuss preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls.
Rahul met Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh, state Congress chief Sunil Jakhar and general secretary in-charge of Punjab Asha Kumari.
The party president told the state party top brass that workers should be appointed in government bodies first and everyone else can wait. “Like Donald Trump’s slogan was America first, Rahul’s mantra is workers first. His main concern was that they are the primary blocks of the party and should not feel left out. The Congress president said whoever worked for the victory of the party should be accommodated and given whatever was assured to them. He has left it to the CM to take a final call,” Jakhar said after the meeting.
The positions workers are likely to be accommodated include market committees, district planning boards, district grievance redressal committees, zila parishads and panchayat samitis. In its 21 months in power, the Amarinder government has appointed loyalists of the CM, ministers, senior party leaders and former bureaucrats to plum positions, which has fuelled resentment among party workers. Though Rahul wants doles for workers not MLAs, senior legislators denied cabinet berths are likely to be pacified with chairmanships of boards and corporations under the office of profit bill passed by the state assembly.

It is the time to fulfill all the promises made by our party in its election manifesto as Ground Performance of Congress Organization & State Govt. is not satisfactory.
Will Party Center Leadership meet & Invite Ground Workers across the state to know the exact situation of Congress Organization in the State.
I’ll be grateful if you kindly consider on my suggestions which is discussed with hundred of ground workers.