Chandigarh:June,5(Paramjit) In a hard hitting response to the junior Badal’s recent statements on mining mafia, Sukhpal Singh Khaira MLA and former Leader of Opposition chided Sukhbir that it was he who first introduced different type of mafia in Punjab during their last 10 years of misrule.

Khaira said the word mafia was unknown and unheard in Punjab until the junior Badal took over the reins of Punjab as De-Facto Chief Minister (Dy CM in 2009). Khaira said being a mafia himself he introduced different cartels to control the trades of liquor, mining , transport, land etc. Khaira termed Sukhbir Badal the kingpin of mafia, as his wealth has grown thousands of times from being an ordinary transporter with few buses and ancestral agricultural land holding like other farmers of Malwa until the 70s and 80s.

Khaira said today Sukhbir Badal is one of the richest politicians of the country besides being one of the richest sikh worldwide. Khaira said that the below given known assets and wealth of the Badal clan runs into thousands of crores, if calculated at market value, besides benami properties owned by them overseas.

  1. The Trident and Oberoi hotels at Gurgaon
  2. The Sukh Villas at New Chandigarh
  3. 12 kanals (two plots) sector – 9 Chandigarh
  4. 250 luxury AC buses including Indo Canadian
  5. Farm houses at V. Badal, Ranian & Rajasthan

Khaira said mega corruption to the tune of thousands of crores done by scamsters like Gurinder @ Bhapa and Gurinder Pehalwan of GMADA could not have been possible without the blessings and share holding of the junior Badal.

Khaira reminded the junior Badal how he arm twisted old liquor liquor companies like Gheo Mal of Amritsar having bulk business of liquor for over hundred years out of business to replace them with his cronies. Khaira said it was a matter of record, how he snatched the bulk supply of Kingfisher from an old liquor house to hand it over to his mafia friends. Khaira said it is an open secret, how he created a cartel to control the liquor business in Punjab.

Similarly, Khaira said there was blatant and rampant illegal mining during the 10 years of Badal misrule. Khaira said the junior Badal while in power created a well knit land mafia in Punjab controlled by him, that would purchase all the lands planned to be acquired by the state at a throwaway price for various development works like road construction, acquisition for Mohali airport, acquisition for the creation of new Chandigarh, sewerage projects etc, as he had access to all the master plans of the state. Khaira said by doing so the junior Badal has illegally earned thousands of crores during the last 10 years. Khaira alleged that the junior Badal arm twisted many medium and small transporters to hand over the companies to Orbit and Indo-Canadian, which again is an open secret.

Khaira said therefore, the junior Badal instead of raiding fake and bogus mining sites should first seek forgiveness forgiveness at Akal Takhat for handing over Punjab to the mafia created by him