Thousands of massage parlors, hookah bars and gambling bases across Punjab are silently watching the government and administration

Jalandhar: 15, May (STN) – Captain Amarendr Singh, holding Gutka Sahib in hand, vowed that Punjab would be de-addiction in 4 weeks. But even after 4 years, the smuggling of drugs in Punjab continues in the same way as the Akali-BJP regime.

In the meantime, the kind of issue that has come up in Jalandhar to gang rape a minor by giving him a drunkard, he stands up to the working style of the promises made by the Congress to Punjab. Not only this, to weaken the gang rape case, reports of CCTV cameras allegedly disappearing the DVR are also being heard. In such a situation, can the Captain Government deny that the drug trafficking and sale of drugs is getting less than the Akali Dal’s rule during the Congress rule. Who does not know that the illegal liquor smuggling is going on in the whole of Punjab and the Congress leaders from whom the workers are involved in it have flown the revenue of the Excise Department in Punjab. Along with this, many gambling bases and betting bases in Punjab are openly operated, which neither the government is interested in stopping nor the police.
In Jalandhar, a case has been registered in Police Station-6 after the intervention of Ludhiana Police in the rape case of a minor. In the case, 5 people including an aunt have been arrested. Not only this, the main accused in this case is being described as the leader of a Shiv Sena.